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Roller Coaster.


Top Trump Game - Germany's Rollercoaster 2022


€ 6.95

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Which rollercoaster is faster: Silver Star or Expedition GeForce? How tall is Hals-ueber-Kopf in Erlebnispark Tripsdrill? And which park has the smallest rollercoaster in Germany? Just find out in Parkscout's newly updated Top Trumps game „Germany's Rollercoasters“.

Playable as a Happy Families game or as a Top Trump game, all information in German and English, updated in 2021

- height
- length
- inversions
- number of trains
- max. speed
- opening
- capacity

Important: All technical specifications are based on park and/or manufacturer data.

High quality Top Trumps game about Germany's Rollercoasters, 32 cards plus cover. Blistered and packed in plastic boxes.

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