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Roller Coaster.


Hyper and Giga Train Set

Coaster models

€ 59.90

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IMPORTANT: Will be shipped from January, 25th 2021

The Hyper & the Giga Train: Both in a set to a discount prize.

In the year 2000 Intamin presented a new type of rollercoaster - the so-called "Giga Coaster". One of the most famous giga coasters is Millennium Force at Cedar Point. In 1999 the first B&M hyper coaster openend in the USA. Today Shambhala at PortAventura and Silver Star at Europa-Park are two hyper coasters you find in Europe.

Coaster Cutouts are fun to assemble laser cut wooden models of your favorite roller coaster trains.

Each model is made in the USA and designed with small interlocking tabs and slots for press fit assembly with no gluing required.

Collect all of your favorite rides and showcase your roller coaster enthusiasm!

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Video: Giga Train Aufbau / Coaster Cutouts

Und so geht's:

- The model Giga Coaster is 15 cm wide, 18 cm deep and 25 cm high. The model Hyper is 15 cm wide, 18 cm deep and 25 cm high.

- BEWARE: Model building product, no toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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